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We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

We are financial planners that work closely with clients to understand their goals. Our comprehensive discovery process and industry experience sets us apart and provides results for our clients.

We have a network of CPAs, Attorneys, and other professionals on call to help design the most effective plans for our clients. This comes at no additional cost to our clients but adds significant value.



Discovery Meeting

Learn about your values, priorities, and goals and how they shape your decisions. Identify any unique challenges and circumstances you may have. Introduce Legacy's philosophy, plan, and process.

Strategy Development

Determine risk tolerance. Gather data, documents, and statements for policy review. Analyze current investments and potential complications. Provide value proposition for opportunities that will impact your financial future.

Plan Delivery

Provide wealth management process overview and fee structure. Discuss current and future investment approach. Assess retirement projections and probability. Gather signatures and data for applications.

Solutions Deployment

Transfer existing assets. Align investment solutions, service levels, type, and frequency of communications. Generate assignment of responsibilities and timeline for implementation.

Orientation Meeting

Review online accounts and technology application tutorials. Organize initial paperwork and statements. Review communication agreement and service levels. Meet team members and "Who to contact."

Financial Team Integration

Coordinate with other business professionals (CPA, Attorneys, etc.) to address estate planning, business and family succession planning, educational and trust accounts, insurance and liability management, charitable giving mission, and address liquidity needs, credit, and lending.

Routine Strategy Meetings

Ongoing tactical meetings to monitor goal progress and discuss future transitions. Adjust financial plan as needed. Create detailed agendas and service notes to add to the portfolio.