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Financial Advice the
Way It Should Be.


Wish I Knew That Sooner!

Strategies to Avoid Financial Regret

If you have ever learned a financial lesson the hard way, you’ve probably said, “I wish I knew that sooner!” Everyone, from small business owners to millionaires and even billionaires, has experienced financial regret at one time or another. 

With this book as your guide, you can learn to tip the odds in your favor, avoiding poor choices and pitfalls that lead to most financial regrets.  Sten covers topics like:

  • The positive power of debt
  • Creative tax strategies
  • Active versus passive investing
  • Savvy ways to make money in real estate

Don't wait and look back years from now, wishing you too would have known sooner.

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We are in the business of providing unbiased advice and creative financial strategies.

Legacy is not just another financial planning firm. We are in the business of providing unbiased advice and creative financial strategies to our clients, and not just selling products. 



Faith. Family. Work. We are committed to keeping what matters most at the core of what we do.


Financial Advice the Way It Should Be. We are committed to doing the right thing for our clients at all costs.


Impact over Intention. We are committed to getting stuff done right for our clients and not just promised.


Creating the Ripple of Change. We are committed to serving our clients and our community.   


We don’t settle for generic financial advice, nor do we give it. We are committed to the continuous pursuit of new strategies to benefit our clients. 


We love what we do! We are committed to the joy of learning and savoring how to get better at what we do.


Having a financial plan is more than just creating financial goals and checking boxes. We go a step further and educate and empower you to own your financial future. Our comprehensive discovery process and network of professionals sets us apart and delivers results for our clients.


We provide holistic financial planning for individuals and business owners through solutions such as retirement planning, cash management, risk assessment, succession planning, compensation strategies, and tax planning.


Our team will help maximize opportunities to increase your wealth by focusing on specific strategies for investment management, insurance protection, tax optimization, estate planning, charitable giving, and income planning.


Creative tax strategies are often the most overlooked areas of planning yet create the most advantageous opportunities for growth. Our team may add significant value to your portfolio by implementing strategies tailored to you.

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Individuals &


High-net-worth individuals and families often require complex investment solutions to achieve their long-term financial goals. Our expertise in wealth management allows us to create customized investment solutions designed to transition and preserve the legacy of generational wealth.



Legacy’s experience working with business owners has enabled us to develop strategies specifically geared towards protecting and enhancing the financial value generated by assets at each stage of the business life cycle.  

Artists &


Entertainers and songwriters often require complex investment solutions to protect their accumulated wealth. Legacy’s team has vast experience working with industry executives and business managers to support the preservation of financial assets for these musicians.

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