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Bridging the Gap

Between industry news and personal experience.

Taxation of Buy/Sell Agreements Thumbnail

Taxation of Buy/Sell Agreements

If you are a business owner with one or more business partners, hopefully, you have a finalized buy/sell agreement. This contract outlines the details and process concerning the buying and selling of a business owners’ interest if they pass away or become incapacitated.

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Asset Location Thumbnail

Asset Location

You have probably heard about “asset allocation,” but you might not have heard about “asset location.”

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Charitable Contributions Thumbnail

Charitable Contributions

America is an extremely generous nation with people who are committed to seeing their communities, country, and world improved by non-profit causes. If giving is important to you, there is a financial strategy you should know about.

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What Is the Best Way to Pay Down Debt? Thumbnail

What Is the Best Way to Pay Down Debt?

Debt can be a great tool for building wealth, but can also become a weight that holds you down. To help you better understand the mechanics of various debt elimination strategies, we will briefly describe the pros and cons of two methods

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